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Honolulu | United States. It is feasible that the insertion capability in technological networks is a powerful in- tangible asset to competitiveness, and it is able to provide knowledge of new markets for products and services to innovations and new business practices (Elfring & Hulsink, ).

Decision Support Pipelines--Durchgängige Datenverarbeitungsinfrastrukturen für die Entscheidungen von morgen Details. Meyer, Anne and Zander, Stefan and Knapper. Developing a Business Plan of an innovative idea, searching all data required and evaluating the feasibility and the monetization of a new business model.

Achievements: Awarded for an innovative idea presented directly to Deloitte Executive Product Solution. United Photographic Artists Gallery, Zephyrhills, Florida.

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1, likes · 2 talking about this. An exclusive gallery of limited edition photographic prints. GUIDE has given help in setting up a business to thousands of Munich women who were previously having difficulties returning to the labour market after bringing up.

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