Bungee jumping trampoline business plans

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Opening a Franchise Trampoline Park is Like Jump-Starting a Car…

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Bungee jumping as a business: A business plan

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Requirements -A participant where you launch your bungee jumping segregation. The builder provides the momentum drawings, initial equipment and fees, and any other times for the buildout. Sky Zone Franchise First on the scene and best in its class, Sky Zone created the world’s first wall-to-wall trampoline park inbringing healthy, high-flying fun to people across the globe.

Get inverted on our Trampoline Jumper! Soar to new heights in Schweitzer village on our new bungee trampoline system! Our crew fit you to a special harness and attach you to a system of bungees. Planning is the first step to start a bungee jumping business.

But what exactly does planning a bungee jumping business entail? There is no need to worry because we will guide you all the way through this bungee jumping business guide. Bungee jumping is becoming very popular with those who seek adventure.

The biggest downside to starting this business is the very high investment to get the business going, and the very high cost. Trampoline jumping with bungees allows jumpers to propel more than 20 feet into the air. Setting up a mini bungee trampoline requires an area approximately feet square.

A bungee trampoline takes two people approximately one and a half hours to set up. Bungee jumping free fall setup will cost you around $, but a mobile bungee trampoline set is available from even $ and on.

These sets are movable and easy to make business with.

Bungee jumping trampoline business plans
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